Toxic Heritage

Collaborative research

Toxic Heritage: Legacies, Futures, and Environmental Justice (Routledge 2024)

By on July 10, 2023

This open access edited volume, edited by Elizabeth Kryder-Reid and Sarah May, addresses the heritage value of contamination and toxic sites and provides the first in-depth examination of toxic heritage as a global issue.

Bringing together case studies, visual essays, and substantive chapters written by leading scholars from around the world, the volume provides a critical framing of the globally expanding field of toxic heritage. Authors from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and methodologies examine toxic heritage as both a material phenomenon and a concept.

Organized into five thematic sections, the book explores the meaning and significance of toxic heritage, politics, narratives, affected communities, and activist approaches and interventions. It identifies critical issues and highlights areas of emerging research on the intersections of environmental harm with formal and informal memory practices, while also highlighting the resilience, advocacy, and creativity of communities, scholars, and heritage professionals in responding to the current environmental crises.

Toxic Heritage, published by Routledge in 2023, is useful and relevant to scholars and students working across a range of disciplines, including heritage studies, environmental science, archaeology, anthropology, and geography.


  • Alice Mah
  • Elizabeth Kryder-Reid
  • Sarah May
  • Gareth Hoskins
  • Mike Hannis
  • Sian Sullivan
  • Jonathan Gardner
  • Thomas W. Pearson
  • Daniel Renfrew
  • John Schofield
  • Celmara Pocock
  • Matthew Carter
  • Ashley Meredith
  • Augustine C. Kohler
  • Ranger Walter
  • Bill Jeffery
  • Paul Heersink
  • Lisa K. Rankin
  • Julian Brenan
  • David M. Finch
  • Scott Neilsen
  • Anatolijs Venovcevs
  • Sophia Stamatopoulou-Robbins
  • Marina Weinberg
  • Valentina Figueroa
  • Laila Papoli-Yazdi
  • Peter Carskadon Little,
  • Grace Abena Akese
  • Holly Cusack-McVeigh
  • Elizabeth Grennan Browning
  • Amelia Fiske
  • Jonas Fischer
  • Loretta I.T. Lou
  • Fabienne Wateau
  • Carmem Giongo
  • Daniela Figueiredo
  • Manuela Lago
  • Johnny Daniel
  • Reis Victoria
  • Evia Javier Taks
  • Santiago Alzugaray
  • Owen Dwyer
  • Gabriel Filippelli
  • Daniel Hubé 
  • Tobias Bausinger
  • Arthur McIvor
  • Tiago Silva Alves Muniz
  • Matteo Benussi
  • Paul A. Shackel
  • Ana Isabel Baptista
  • Bridget McKenzie
  • Liz Ševčenko
  • Ana Valderrama
  • Cornelius Holtorf 
  • Rosemary Joyce